I recently became a single mom. I had three kids, bills and lots of uncertainty about my families future. I was not sure how I was going to hold it together this past Christmas for the kids let alone provide them with gifts like years past. Through the family support of being connected to the amazing people of Good Cause, my family was blessed with everything we needed to have one of the best Christmas’s ever. I tried not to accept the support but knew it was a blessing I would later pay forward. This year I cannot wait to give the miracle of Christmas to a family like I received.
— Anonymous Mom

As we prepare to launch into 2017, we want to share our SINGLE goal for SINGLE moms for 2017. As an organization, we want to continue to make a greater impact on those we serve, so we DEFINED our cause and DISCOVERED the cost. We don’t want to be 5 miles wide and 2 inches deep in the relationships we build with those we serve. We want better quality than quantity heading into the future. We believe if we serve our community BETTER than ever, everything will get BIGGER.

Many of the single moms we serve are the result of significant long term relationships with local women’s shelters, pregnancy centers, abused woman programs, homeless agencies and social services to name a few. Throughout Harford and Cecil counties, we have become the "go-to" for single moms and their children - which we see as an honor and privilege.

We have quantified the cost over the period of a year to provide a quality experience as we invest into the lives of 100 single moms and their children. To provide all of the services and supplies we offer for one single mom’s family over the period of a year costs $300. To have access to everything we offer for a year for only $300 is unheard of when helping people. 

We are launching a “Not a Number” Campaign in 2017. Single moms often feel like just another number in the system when in need of help. Finding help should not make you feel less than human but empowered to make humanity better. Each single mom has a story and every story matters to us.

We don’t want anyone treated like a number. We want everyone treated with dignity. We are starting with 100 deserving moms who we are going to deeply invest in over the year. We want them to experience the heartbeat of our community where they feel loved and supported with the resources to thrive as a parent.

Would you consider being an early adopter to sponsor a single mom or two or five or even ten?

Breaking $300 down in monthly payments is only $25 per month. That is what it costs to go to McDonald's with two to three people these days or for a couple to buy two movie tickets. It does not take that much sacrifice to come along side us to create a quality experience for 100 deserving single moms.

Discover with us the fulfillment of using your life to make other people’s lives better.

It’s for a Good Cause, literally!

Carpe Diem,

Jess & Elizabeth Bousa